We Assist Brands In Taking Control of Maximize Performance & Their Online Image in Today’s Top eCommerce Marketplaces

Common Problems We Help You Solve

Our supplier-partners tell us they choose to sell to us because prior to working with us, they had at least one of the following problems:

1. MAP Violations by Sellers: MAP violations from both authorized and unauthorized sellers results in brick & mortar retailer partners relationship deterioration.

2. Significant Price Erosion: Especially where competition is keen and supply chain is out of control due to multiple sellers (including Amazon itself) “racing to the bottom” on price for all of a brand’s products resulting in brand equity being destroyed.

3. Existing Resources Not Sufficient: Brands attempting to manage their own 3rd party sales program found they lacked the necessary expertise to effectively manage all the “moving parts” of the various marketplaces, and performance suffered as a result.

4. Multiple Marketplace Participation: Amazon, Walmart, Jet, and eBay all have their own nuances requiring expertise to maximize performance. Many Brands/Manufacturers generally are as skilled in eCommerce.