With regards to acquiring a new transaction, you just can’t beat Amazon. Because of Amazon’s prominent position, 59% of eCommerce orders are placed on their site.

But there is merely one problem … and it’s a HUGE ONE.

When you get an order on Amazon.com, you don’t acquire a new customer.

Transactions on Amazon give Amazon new customers … however, not your brand. You are left out in the cold.

Or are you?

Contact Us to find how exactly we help our supplier-partners to increase their customer list beyond Amazon – even if the first transaction happened on Amazon.


We can Help

At Jim’s Whims, we have demonstrated experience spanning years assisting brands with Amazon.

Additionally, we can bring value to our brand partners by improving Amazon listings optimizations and Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising campaigns at a very reasonable cost while building your brand with your image. We’re upbeat about the future, and would love to talk further, call us at (469) 487 8221.

About Jim’s Whims

We’ve built relationships on trust, results, and a long-term vision for growth and sustainability. Ultimately, we are passionate about creating a business of quality endeavor and connectivity. This is how we seek out partnerships with brands and distributors; a genuine, personal investment in the lives of customers. We will get to know you. You will get to know us. Let’s get to mixing!

By: The Team @ Jim’s Whims