Nowadays many brands see the value and importance of maintaining MAP for their products across various sales channels, especially on

Here is a simple way to enumerate why maintaining the MAP on Amazon is important:

  1. When MAP is destroyed, brick & mortar partners and/or associates will start dumping your products.
  2. When that happens, Amazon becomes your main distribution channel.
  3. If most of your sales are on Amazon, you’ll attract more 3rd Party sellers, and they’ll race to the bottom, and/or Amazon will begin buying from you.
  4. If Amazon starts buying from you and they’re your main distribution source, they are going to start asking for bigger discounts, more co-op budget, etc… and everything they demand will decrease your profit margin.


In the event that you failed to effectively enforce your MAP policy, you will eventually ruin or damage your brand’s profit margin – and perhaps the entire company.


As Prime membership continues to grow Amazon’s influence on your brand will only continue to increase.

How to Enforce MAP on Amazon

There’s good news because there are effective ways to enforce MAP on Amazon.

First, ensure you that you have the proper policies in place and they are effectively enforced. We work with a law firm that specializes in this area.


Once you have the correct legal foundation in place, you may also want to consider reducing the number of authorized sellers for your products on Amazon, as doing so will provide leverage to your brand.


If you decide to reduce the number of authorized sellers, be sure to only work with professional 3P sellers who can guarantee to add value to your brand – value beyond simply selling your products


We can Help

At Jim’s Whims, we have demonstrated experience spanning years assisting brands with Amazon.

Additionally, we can bring value to our brand partners by improving Amazon listings optimizations and Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising campaigns at a very reasonable cost while building your brand with your image. We’re upbeat about the future, and would love to talk further, call us at (469) 487 8221

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