Our Values

As a company, there are certain core beliefs we adhere to- not only as a company, but in how we interact with each other internally, our partners, and our community.  These values are:

  • Look Around- By embracing possibilities, we understand there are opportunities everywhere.  Not just business ones either, but also better ways of doing what we are already doing today as well as overcoming obstacles and hurdles.
  • Always Doing what is Right – while it is understood mistakes do occur, it is our intention to do the right thing in all instances.  Sometimes this hurts- but it is still the right thing!
  • Enjoying the Ride – A great work output is the result of enjoyment and dedication to our core values and our customers.  We each thrive in seeing if we can do better today what we did yesterday and challenge each other to do so.

Our Company

We’ve built relationships on trust, results, and a long-term vision for growth and sustainability.  Ultimately, we are passionate about creating a business of quality endeavor and connectivity.  This is how we seek out partnerships with brands and distributors; a genuine, personal investment in the lives of customers.

Our People

As a team, we focus on the following principles when handling our day to day business:

  • Welcoming challenges (how we grow) and overcoming barriers (how we improve)
  • Taking responsibility while crediting others
  • Doing that right thing- even at our expense

Our partners understand that when we commit, it is bond and that we will over-execute on their behalf.  That’s just how we do it.